Dear all,
I need to consider the pressure load. But I don't know how to form the input file such as .unv or .xda considering the pressure. The example laplace.tar.bz2 supported by Ondrej Certik on the libmesh wiki. But there is an error when run ./mesh. the error is :
Info : Writing mesh file 't1.msh'
Info : Mesh 2D complete (0.028995 s)
Info : Writing mesh file 't1.msh'
Info : 411 nodes
Info : 1537 elements
Info : Wrote mesh file 't1.msh'
Traceback ( most recent call last):
    File "./msh2libmesh", line 28, in ?
   m.readmsh("t1.msh",b, False,False)
TypeError: readmsh() takes at most 4 arguments (5 given)

I doubt that "m.readmsh("t1.msh",b,False,False)" just has 4 argumets. why it display "5 given"?