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Development moved to GNU arch

Development of libkdtree has moved to GNU arch. It is now
available as category libkdtree--main--0 from the following archive:

The tree may be viewed online at

Posted by Martin F. Krafft 2005-05-16

0.2.0 with minor enhancements

Thanks to Paul Harris, version 0.2.0 of libkdtree++ features some minor enhancements to the code. The most important are:

- a full set of range constructors and insert(range) methods. It now works with inserter(tree,tree.begin()).
- Target type no longer needs a default constructor. - Added a new method: count_within_range().

Thanks, Paul, and thank you for using libkdtree++!

Posted by Martin F. Krafft 2004-11-15

New minor version 0.1.3 fixes two bugs

Posted by Martin F. Krafft 2004-11-04

Documenter(s) sought

The libkdtree++ API is not yet documented, and I feel it should be. However, I am really pressed for time, and generally suck at documentation writing.

Thus, I am calling out to you to help out! If you are versed with Doxygen, then maybe you want to write the documentation as you learn the API yourself? OIr even parts of it?

You can be sure that I will stand by you with answers to your questions in the best possible means. And you shall have my eternal gratitude.... read more

Posted by Martin F. Krafft 2004-05-20

Birth of libkdtree++ on SourceForge

libkdtree++ has just been accepted into SourceForge. May it have a prosperous development cycle!

Posted by Martin F. Krafft 2004-05-19