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JSONNode::const_iterator i->name inco...


  • Anonymous


    I've got libJson up and running on a particular platform. (ARM based) Running through the basic parser sample, some test JSON file returns i->name as missing the first and last characters. For example, we get the JSON file here:, and load it into a char* buffer then libjson::parse(buffer).
    Where we'd expect "title" the lib actually returns "itl"

    I was having a look through the JSONOptions.h for line endings or any other similar options, but no such joy.

    Has anyone encountered this issue before, or could offer some advice?



  • Anonymous

    Turns out the JSON file doesn't conform to standards as it dropped the double quotes around the name. Still, I would have expected JSON_VALIDATE to have detected this?

  • The JSON_VALIDATE option does not validate json when you parse it, it simply exposes the libjson::is_valid method, which has to be called before parsing it.  Call this method, it will return a true or false value.

    It is likely that if you use the JSON_PREPARSE option, that version of the parser will throw a std::invalid_argument exception.  In the default parser, there is no way of knowing whether or not the json is valid because it doesn't parse it all at once.

    I hope this fixes your issue, happy coding!