Libiqxmlrpc 0.8 released.


Meet Libiqxmlrpc 0.8. This release focused on two new features: external method dispatchers and Windows port - library distribution contain MSVC project file (for debug configuration for awhile).

Moreover, it has passed a number of stress tests and compatibility test with xmlrpc++ and xmlrpc-c engines. A number of horrible bugs were fixed as a result of testing process.

0.7.3 - 0.8

This release has several incompatibility points with previous ones:

* Library does no longer support introspection through customized children classes of Method::Help. I am considering that technique quite ugly now and planning to re-implement introspection scheme in future. However system.listMethods still available.

* With compilation fix for g++ 3.2 the Server class has lost register_method template method. Now one should prefer use free register_method functions instead of Server::register_method.

New features:

* External method dispatchers. This feature allows users to create customized method dispatchers, which would do some problem-specific things. E.g map XML-RPC requests to CORBA method calls (as I do), etc.
* Full-fledged Windows port.
* Recursive printing of values in perl-like form
(iqxmlrpc::print_value function).

Bugfixes & code clean-ups (in order of importance):

* Fix compatibility with another XML-RPC engines:
- treat <value/> as empty string value (xmlrpc++);
- ignore ';' symbol in media-type HTTP parameter (xmlrpc-c);
- treat text values of HTTP paramters in case insensentive way.
* Fix coredump that appears in multi-threaded server with many threads under high loads.
* Compilation fix for g++ 3.2
* Get rid of dependecy on libxml++ in public headers.
* Make Response object much more cheaper for copying.

Posted by Anton Dedov 2006-09-07