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Debian to include libics

The Debian Project has included libics in its 'testing distribution,' and we will hopefully become part of the next stable distribution.

Thanks to Mathieu Malaterre for this effort, which helped find some bugs in the libics test suite. The bugs caused two tests to fail on big-endian machines, even though the library was working correctly.

Posted by Cris Luengo 2012-05-28

libics 1.5.2 released

Again mostly a bugfix release. The compile system has some improvements, including a new Makefile for MS Visual C++ 9, the use of libtool to generate a shared object version of the library, and the addition of a test suite.
Furthermore, the library now has limited support to read ICS files that were compressed with the UNIX compress utility. This is only useful for some very old files people might still have lying around. The library's interface hasn't changed, except for the addition of one error code.

Posted by Cris Luengo 2010-06-18

Project converted to Subversion

I've made a copy of the project in Subversion. The CVS will remain open (for now) to show the commit history of the files. This information was not copied over to Subversion.

From now on, to get the latest development version of the library, use
svn co libics

Posted by Cris Luengo 2010-06-07

libics 1.5.1 released

This is a bug-fix release. A few minor bugs have been fixed, and the MATLAB MEX-files in the support/matlab sub-directory have been modified to work on 64-bit systems.

Posted by Cris Luengo 2007-05-07

libics 1.5 released

libics 1.5 has just been released, with some significant additions in functionality:
- It is now possible to open an ICS file in update mode, which allows to change or add metadata to a file without changing the image data.
- The access method for the 'history' lines in the ICS files has changed. It is now possible to select a subset of lines for reading by their key, using iterators. These same iterators can be used to replace or delete lines.
- A new function IcsSetIdsBlock() in the low-level interface does fseek() on image data.
- We solved some issues related to programs setting locales.
And, of course, some bugs were fixed.

Posted by Cris Luengo 2006-07-04

libics has just moved to

The new location for the project website is . A new release (1.4.1) has been posted. It contains very few bugfixes and an autoconf make system. All old distributions are also available from

Posted by Cris Luengo 2005-06-29