Future of libgmail

  • Waseem Daher
    Waseem Daher

    Now that Gmail is offering IMAP access for its accounts, I'm worried that libgmail has less and less purpose.
    Given that I haven't experimented with IMAP a bunch, I'd like to hear from you guys:

    1. What do you use libgmail for?

    2. Are there things libgmail is doing (or that you'd like it to do) that can't be done through IMAP?

    3. Is there interest in a libgmail compatibility layer, that just sits on top of IMAP and doesn't break your old interfaces, or would you just port your own app to imaplib or something, in the time it'd take to make this?

    - Waseem

    • Blank Blank
      Blank Blank

      I would think that the complexity of how Gmail synchronizes labels when moving messages from folder to folder in IMAP would give libgmail an advantage in some situations.

    • cci[RR]us

      Some networks (e.g. workplaces) do not allow IMAP, IMAP-SSL, SMTP, POP, etc but *only* HTTP or HTTPS traffic, and that is *only* through the designated web proxy server. Hence, the only way to send / receive mails is through web mail interfaces. In this case, libgmail will be very useful. I'm working in such a network right now. :-)

    • I am currently using libgmail in my application and i find it very useful;
      to tell the truth i am using libgmail to send emails and manging the contact list while using imap when downloading messages (and this is the only case in which i find useful imap for gmail access).

    • RC

      I'm helping out on a project where I just ripped out all of the libgmail stuff and replaced it with IMAP and SMTP (due to the breakage).

      HOWEVER, some of the users are behind firewalls and cannot run the script, so we are going to re-implement libgmail to use as a fallback (or maybe the other way around).

      Please keep supporting libgmail :)