draft attachment size limit?

  • Matt

    I've been working with libgmail for a couple of days now implementing a file storage solution.  Today, I wrote a quick program to determine the exact attachment size limit for a draft message.

    The test is running well, but is producing strange results....i havn't hit a limit yet!  The test is still running, but a 13814814-byte file was just stored as a single attachment without error.

    Gmail states that the maximum size for attachments is 10mb.  I assume that's the largest attachment that can be sent/received.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?

    I'm going to put a very liberal upper bound on my test, and let it run over night.


    PS.  Devs, please check the bug tracker.  Looks like there's a problem with the newest release.

    • Matt

      ok, re-worked the original limit search algo. and created a second one....here's what I found...

      The storeFile method didn't throw any exception when using a 22018982-byte file, but did for a 22018983-byte file.  At first I wanted to jump up & down and yell SUCCESS!  But there's a problem.

      Even though there was no exception thrown, the file never showed up in the actual gmail account.  Earlier test files (nearing my original 15mb constraint) all showed up in the account.

      soooo.....my question stands....what's the atachment size limit for drafts?  (at least we know it's greater than 14mb but less than 22)

    • You should not assume that you could send larger
      files then 10MB. Gmail has set a limit of 10MB
      I don't think you could store more then that in
      one go. It might looks like it works but as you
      noticed, the seems to be missing ;-)

      FYI: There's a file storage solution called gmailfs
      it works good and could be considered a mature project.


      PS, Please use the mailinglist, forums are evil.