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libGLOOP for Linux

With Morphogenesis' make files in place and tweaked, the final win32/linux version of libGLOOP (v 1.1) has been released. Thanks to all who made this possible.

There may or may not be a 1.2 release. If there is, it would contain some new fun features that I need (such as the ability to color particles), but don't hold your breath for it.

Posted by Don Goodman-Wilson 2001-08-11

libGLOOP for Linux

Thanks to the folks at morphogenesis (link coming), and especially Jeffrey B Mcbeth, we now have makefiles! I'm working some bugs out of them now, but release 1.1 (coming very soon) will be Linux friendly.

Posted by Don Goodman-Wilson 2001-06-07

libGLOOP 1.0 released

libGLOOP (Gloop is Liquid Object Oriented Particles, an implicit surface rendering library for OpenGL) has finally, after nearly a year of sheer laziness, released version 1.0
Of major import in this release: the marching cubes lookup table is now /working/ and /public domain/! Additionally a new waterfall demo has been added to both show off the library, and to demonstrate its use.

Posted by Don Goodman-Wilson 2001-04-13

libGLOOP is here!

Yay! I see people have found libGLOOP: I encourage everyone to leave comments in the forums. I'd like to know what people think. Also, there is a bug category for feature requests: please use it.

The Future: I need some serious help debugging the windings in fluid/Tess/MarchingCubeTableNew.h...I cannot do this alone.
Lerped particle colors. Soon, one will be able to assign colors to particles (for example: turning a water particle white when it moves quickly for white-water effects), with smooth interpolation of colors.
Thoughts? Comments? To the forum!

Posted by Don Goodman-Wilson 2000-07-21