Thank you so much for your help! 

It's working nicely now. I was doing exactly as you said buuut (and I should kick myself for that!) I was mishandling the value associated with the tags :((.

Thanks again, and thanks for the library too!  

2014-06-04 23:19 GMT+02:00 Dan Fandrich <>:
On Wed, Jun 04, 2014 at 10:41:52PM +0200, Lucía Díaz Rodríguez wrote:
> Thank for your answer!!
> I've tried doing what exif_entry_initialize() does but I get a compiler error
> at:
>      exifentry->data = exif_entry_alloc (exifentry, exifentry->size);
> because that is a private function on exif-entry.c. So I've tried doing what
> that function does, that is:
> exifentry->data = exif_mem_alloc (exifentry->priv->mem, exifentry->size);
> but this also fails, because the compiler doesn't know exifentry->priv->mem 
> (error: invalid use of incomplete type ‘ExifEntryPrivate {aka struct
> _ExifEntryPrivate}’).
> And I could find where that is to give some reference to the compiler.

IIRC, the right solution is to create an ExifEntry using exif_entry_new_mem,
passing in an allocator of your own choosing. Then, you can use that allocator
instead of the private one.

> That's why I tried the write.exif.c bit:
> buf = exif_mem_alloc(mem, exifentry->size);
> assert(buf != NULL);
> /* Fill in the entry */
> exifentry->data = (unsigned char *)buf;
> But the firs line results in segmentation fault, so that doesn't work either.

It depends on where you got that mem pointer. Using exif_entry_new_mem, you can
pass in your own (created from exif_mem_new_default) and it will be internally

> So I really don't know what to do to make it work like it is supposed to, that
> why I asked if is true that it works :))
> Thanks again,
> Lucía
> 2014-06-04 21:07 GMT+02:00 Dan Fandrich <>:
>     On Wed, Jun 04, 2014 at 04:33:51PM +0200, Lucía Díaz Rodríguez wrote:
>     > I'm trying to add Exif information to a JPEG file. I've tried the exif
>     command
>     > line tool (v0.6.21) and the libexif API (v0.6.21-1). 
>     > Everything works fine until I get to the GPS information (Latitude,
>     > LatitudeRef, Longitude and LongitudeRef). I'm able to read it if it
>     already
>     > exits but i'm not able to create or modify it.
>     >
>     > Using the exif command line tool (in Mint 16 64bits and also in Ubuntu
>     12.04
>     > 32-bits), like so:
>     >       exif -c --ifd=GPS --tag=0x0001 --set-value="N" foto-exif.mjpg 
>     > I get this error:
>     >       Setting a value for this tag is unsupported!
>     > (Same result using --tag=GPSLatitudeRef).
>     That's a limitation in the command-line program that flows from missing
>     tags in
>     the library. There's no good reason for the tags to be missing, except that
>     it's really a convenience function that most programs don't actually need.
>     It would be possible to add command-line options to exif to support
>     arbitrary
>     tag data; I'm happy to review patches!
>     > Using the libexif API, when I try: exif_entry_initialize (exifentry,
>     tag), the
>     > tag is not listed in the switch cases so default it's used and the entry
>     gets
>     > FORMAT_UNDEFINED and components=0, which doesn't allocate any memory for
>     the
>     > associated data.
>     > Even if I try to initialize the entry myself (like in the write-exif.c
>     example)
>     > I'm not able to do so for the data field (I get a segmentation fault on
>     > exif_mem_alloc(mem, exifentry->size)).
>     That should work fine, except that write-exif.c relies on
>     exif_entry_initialize
>     to create the empty tag, so it's not a complete solution. Take a look at
>     the code
>     in exif_entry_initialize itself to figure out the rest.
>     > Now, I've found a bug report from 2005 (
>     > bugreport.cgi?bug=309127) mentioning the GPS tags editing. In its
>     response it's
>     > stated that editing this sort of tags it's possible since exif 0.6.15. 
>     > Has anything changed since then? If not, would you be so kind as to
>     explain to
>     > me what am I doing wrong? I've already tried all I could think of and got
>     > nowhere.
>     I don't recall what changes were made since then that would affect this,
>     but
>     libexif got more strict in a number of ways since then. I don't think any
>     existing (working) functionality was removed.
>     >>> Dan

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