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Release of libEMF-1.0.7

Thanks to Stanislav Ochotnicky, libEMF now has support for a number of more obscure architectures, namely ARM, S390 and Alpha. He also improved the 32-/64-bit macros in the wine headers. Thanks Stanislav!

Posted by Allen Barnett 2012-11-07

Release of libEMF-1.0.6

Well, that was quick. In spite of taking a float as the API argument, the metafile contains an integer. So, 1.0.6.

Posted by Allen Barnett 2012-05-24

Release of libEMF-1.0.5

This release adds support for the SetMiterLimit API record. But mostly this is to refresh my knowledge of SourceForge. It's changed a lot in the last 10 years.

Posted by Allen Barnett 2012-05-24

libEMF 1.0.4 Released

Years later libEMF is updated to work with GCC 4.

Posted by Allen Barnett 2009-10-02

Verison 1.0 of libEMF

Version 1.0 of libEMF is available. The main changes are the ability to generate EMFs on big endian machines and the ability to read EMFs from disk (and replay them into a new context).

Posted by Allen Barnett 2002-01-30