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User-space E1000 driver library / News: Recent posts

New stable version of LibE1000 3.0 has been released

LibE1000 is a user-space library for Intel Gigabit Ethernet adapters. It implements an "OS bypass" mechanism,
where fast path processing and rx/tx data transfers are done without kernel assistance (i.e. no system calls).
This method reduces SW overhead of the data transfers to virtually zero. The library is useful for hard realtime,
and high performance application with strict low latency and overhead requirements.... read more

Posted by Max Krasnyansky 2008-01-20

LibE1000 version 2.4 is out

Minor updates to the library and support for Linux kernel v2.6.21.
Release includes RPM package for Fedora 7

Posted by Max Krasnyansky 2007-05-05

LibE1000 version 2.3 is out

This is the first official release of the LibE1000 library. It includes kernel patches for 2.6.18.x kernels.

Posted by Max Krasnyansky 2007-01-15