Does anyone know why it is that when I set the mode, fps, shutter, etc. on my PixeLink A740 with Coriander (i.e. libdc1394) and then run an OpenCV program the camera always reverts to its power on defaults? If this is because I compiled OpenCV with libdc1394 support? If so, where can I find documentation for controlling the camera from within OpenCV?

All I want out of libdc1394 is to configure a few common properties (camera shutter, gain, resolution, fps, and set for external trigger) but I can't for the life of me seem to get it right! The work you guys are doing here is really phenomenal, but its so far above my head I think I would need a degree in CS to understand it. I would just like to finish up with this (bloody) camera configuration chapter and get on with my experiment, but can't until I get a proper resolution and frame rate.

Kenn Sebsta