I am having problems setting up DMA capture buffers for cameras on a newly configure Fedora 10 (64 bit) machine with  libdc1994 version  2.1.2-0.x86_64 installed.  I am getting a runtime warning that I have not seen previously on other machines running the same code; 32 bit Fedora and an FC9_64.  The warning is:


“ libdc1394 warning: iso allocation not available in this kernel, using channel 0...


This warning follows the api call to the capture setup:


    err = dc1394_capture_setup( camera, 2, DC1394_CAPTURE_FLAGS_DEFAULT );

    DC1394_ERR_CLN_RTN( err, dc1394_camera_free(camera), "Error capturing" );


The function returns successfully, and the camera is able to capture images and operate normally.  The problem is that I am trying to configure two cameras (Ptgrey Grasshopper) on this box and the capture_setup assigns both to channel 0 per the warning above.  Bad things happen after that – typically a seg fault.  Note, I get the above warning even when running with a single camera attached.  The capture setup function is being called after all of the Format 7 camera initialization has been done successfully: format, iso speed, and ROI. 


Also, an explicit channel is not being specified in the code (per dc1394_iso_allocate_channel ) ; the warning could be taken to mean that the code has requested a specific ISO chan to be used.  When I do set an explicit channel to use prior to the setup, the result is the same.


Any thoughts on this is much appreciated.