Hi Listeners-In,
I appear to have regained 8-bit control of the two Marlin F-033B cameras triggered asynchronously in separate threads.  I had been using the X and Y dimensions returned by avt1394_get_max_resolution() as my AOI.  The Marlin cameras return dimensions of 656 x 494.  When I forced the AOI to 640 x 480, camera response was corrected.  I believe that what was happening was that the end of one frame buffer was being overwritten by the beginning of another and the frame was not being detected as available.  Once frame memroy was corrupted, the only way to regain control was to reboot.  This is supported by the fact that, after a successful 1-camera measurement, the first frame in a 2-camera series would be detected before all further frames failed.  I still cannot account for the fact that the threaded capture operated for a time in 8-bit mode.
Both dc1394_setup_format7_capture() and dc1394_set_format7_color_coding_id() take the parameter MODE_FORMAT7_x, with x ranging from 0 through 7.  In trying to sort out the two camera difficulties, I thought I might be misusing this parameter.  It still may be an issue as I start to chase down 10-bit captures.  Nowhere in the literature are the Format 7 modes well-defined.  All other formats have their modes clearly specified.  Clearly Mode 0 is a 640 x 480 mode, but what are the dimensions of the others? Changing modes in Coriander gives a bit of a clue (Mode 1 = 162032 pixels, for example).  And Coriander only offers Modes 0 through 3.  What are modes 4 through 7?  The real question is, do the modes simply define image pixel dimensions or do they also refer to bit depth?  Is bit depth just defined by calling dc1394_set_format7_color_coding_id()?  Can anyone provide specifics (or a reference) regarding the definitions of the Format 7 Modes?