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New LibCMT C# binding

Added new C# binding. Now LibCMT could be used within the .Net framework. For more information about how to use it, please visit

Posted by Duilio J. Protti 2006-03-11

Major bugfix: isolation property

On a transactional model, every separate transaction must be isolated from each other, that is, it mustn't see partial results of another transactions. Releases previous to 0.0.5 doesn't accomplish this requirement in the presence of an 'orElse' composition where the first transaction blocks.

Posted by Duilio J. Protti 2006-01-14

New WebSite design for LibCMT

LibCMT project has upgraded its website, updating the content manager, moving to a new style, and adding more content. There are new pages explaining the future direction of the project and the unique features of the current implementation.

Duilio Protti.

Posted by Duilio J. Protti 2005-12-18

LibCMT Binary Packages for FC4

Thanks to the .spec file provided by Dries Verachtert, there are now binary packages available for LibCMT. Thanks a lot Dries!

Posted by Duilio J. Protti 2005-12-03