libbinio 1.1 released!

A new version of libbinio - the platform and compiler independent binary I/O stream class library for C++ - was released today!

From the NEWS:
- Removed unused config header file.
- writeString() methods now return number of characters written.
- Changed behaviour of readString(): The delimiter doesn't default to '\0' anymore. If no delimiter is given, always up to 'amount' characters are read.
- error() now returns a bit field of error flags instead of just one error value. Multiple errors can now occur at once.
- Added 'NotFound' error flag, indicating a file not found error.
- The 'Eof' error code is now set only when reading _past_ the end of a stream, not on the last byte.
- Added peekInt() and peekFloat() methods to peek an integer or a floating-point number in a stream, without extracting it.
- Added ateof() method to binistream class that returns true when the stream is at the last byte.

Posted by Simon Peter 2003-02-03