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[r16] by peteysoft

Multi borders training is working: at least the parsing part. With addition of re-using option lists
Because we've added global variables (a stack), codes are no longer purely functional :(

2014-02-14 22:48:10 Tree
[r15] by peteysoft

Sometime around 2025 this might be finished...

2014-02-14 07:23:57 Tree
[r14] by peteysoft

Transferring matrix "normalization" to mult-class

2014-02-11 03:51:20 Tree
[r13] by peteysoft

Still working on this shit

2014-02-10 23:44:47 Tree
[r12] by peteysoft


2014-02-04 18:49:55 Tree
[r11] by peteysoft

Got the pre-processing program linked in with the class_borders program

2014-02-03 02:38:12 Tree
[r10] by peteysoft

Pre-processing command linked in to classification command

2014-02-02 20:24:01 Tree
[r9] by peteysoft


2014-01-31 18:42:07 Tree
[r8] by peteysoft

Things are progressing like molasses in January. These codes are a mess, especially I/O and
error handling, but there's a lot of duplicate code in the "work" routines as well...

2014-01-30 06:27:55 Tree
[r7] by peteysoft

Still trying to clean up this beast--some major refactoring is probably in order

2014-01-29 06:04:40 Tree
[r6] by peteysoft

Working in multi-class stuff and more general pre-processing/normalization

2014-01-28 16:00:06 Tree
[r5] by peteysoft

agf_precondition: more logical pre-processing routine since it occurs to me that 1. all of the
features-only pre-processing operations in the previous routine were linear and therefore
could be implemented with a matrix multiplication and 2. the test data need to be pre-conditioned
with the same matrix multiplication anyway
= a pretty big shift in how things are going to be done...

2014-01-03 04:14:12 Tree
[r4] by peteysoft

Working on stuff

2013-12-31 07:43:22 Tree
[r3] by peteysoft

More and better clean up

2013-12-27 08:10:38 Tree
[r2] by peteysoft

Removing line breaks from makefiles;
cleaning up the file structure a bit

2013-12-27 06:36:28 Tree
[r1] by peteysoft

Starting libagf subversion repo

2013-12-27 03:00:32 Tree