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Version 0.11 is about to be released

1.Some minor bugs had been fixed in functions for case insensitive search.

2.Options '--help' and '--version'(-V) had been added for the 'gssp' utility.

Posted by Vadim Alexandrov 2005-10-12

version 0.10 is about to be released

1.Case insensitive variants have been added for the following functions:
-l45_make_searchfn_l (Searching for pattern and counting separating characters)
-l45_make_searchfn (Searching an arbitrary buffer)
-l45_make_searchfn_ln(Searching for pattern or separating character)

2.The 'gssp' utility now accepts '--ignore-case' or '-i' option.

3. A bug has been fixed in the 'l45_make_searchfn_l' function. Although the function managed to find the search pattern correctly, there might be errors when counting separating characters for the longer search strings.

Posted by Vadim Alexandrov 2005-09-02