#28 bad path calculation with fog of war


first part:
- start a scenario, making sure that fog of war is activated
- purchase a unit
- place it somewhere revealing an enemy unit, that will block the way
- select your unit to move it
- the blocking enemy unit is ignored in path calculation, so you can send your unit somewhere impossible to reach
- when doing so, your unit tries to do so, but will stop when reaching the enemy unit's control zone

second part:
- make sure the destination is a strategic field and the field on which your unit stops is not a strategic field
- when your unit stops, make a right click on it and undo your move
- now the previously non-strategic field has become a new strategic field

There seem be more cases that cause this bad path calculation. I encoutered it sometimes with transport units and with units near the border of the map. However, this is the only way that I have found to easily reproduce it, so far.

To reproduce it with the attached savegame, do this:

- select "Deploy reinforcements" from game menu
- select Luchs unit and place it on (53,33)
- click the checkmark "Apply Deployment" (an enemy unit on (55,31) should become visible)
- click on the newly placed unit (you should see now that it may move beyond (55,31), although the enemy unit is clearly blocking the way)
- send the unit to (57,28), trying to capture that field (Luchs unit should be blocked and stop at (55,32))
- right click on Luchs unit and select "Undo Turn" (now a new strategic field should have appeared at (55,32))


  • mranderson2007

    example savegame demonstrating the bug