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New LBreakout2 Levelset

Daxter304 has submitted a new levelset for LBreakout2 called 'Sadistic'. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2008-11-16

LPairs 1.0.4 Released

Kenneth Granerud has submitted new graphics for LPairs that are based on icons from the Tango Desktop Project (http://tango.freedesktop.org) and which give the game a more colorful, child-friendly look. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2008-08-30

New LBreakout2 Levelset

Kbozen has submitted a new and very binary levelset called '1010011010'. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2008-08-09

New LBreakout2 Levelset

Enrico Schettler has submitted a levelset for LBreakout2 called Smilies. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2008-07-13

New LBreakout2 Levelset

William D. Wilkerson (aka NJBilly) has submitted a new levelset called 'Popcorn'. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2008-05-04

New LBreakout2 Levelset

Karl Lalonde has submitted another two level sets called 'D2K' and 'Blues'. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2008-05-01

LGeneral Mod

Floris Lap has submitted a new mod for LGeneral called 'APP-6A' which tries to use the exact NATO symbols and map style. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2008-04-25

New LBreakout2 Levelset

Karl Lalonde has submitted a new levelset for LBreakout2 named 'Circle'. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2008-04-14

OCC 1.3.2 Released

Just some minor enhancements in the GUI (rearranged buttons and added confirm dialogs for draw offers to prevent accidental actions) and a bug fix in the stalemate detection. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2008-04-04

LTris 1.0.12 Released

This release provides portugese translation done by Jose Jorge and localization of the y/n confirmation (e.g. j/n in german). [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2008-03-29

Easter Decoration

The logo's decoration comes from icons and images freely downloadable at http://www.screene.com and http://www.appleblossomart.net. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2008-03-03

OCC 1.3.1 Released

Finally, the move input field is dead! Consequently, (with all this point and click stuff that slowly crept in) I have added buttons for all special commands (like offering a draw) and hidden the now useless move input element. Beside this console-defying change, I have fixed a bunch of minor issues. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2008-02-16

OCC 1.3 Released

This release provides a bunch of minor fixes and enhancements. Most important background change: All user related data is now stored in one directory. See the README for update from an older versions! There is now write access locking via a temporary file. The source and destination of a move is now highlighted. A bug in the search page was fixed (you could not search for your own games). The contrast of text has been increased to improve readability. The browser page titles now reflect the OCC section (so you can easily navigate if several tabs are opened). And last but not least the vague section about security in the README has been made more accurate. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2007-12-26

OCC 1.3beta Released

First of all, this release is a really major restructuring of source code. More abstraction has been added with separate I/O and render scripts. Visible enhancements/changes are: new layout of chess board page. Games may now be aborted which does not count as win (this replaces previous Delete option). Removed PGN archive and forum. Enhanced themability (almost all now runs via style sheet classes and settings). User rankings may be sorted by all criteria now (not only rating). Rating modifications are now rounded not floored (which is more accurate). A self-defined information may be displayed at the login screen. And last but not least the documentation has been updated and cleaned up. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2007-12-14

Xmas time again!

It is, isn't it? Almost forgot to put on the decoration. :-) Thanks again to "Free Gifts & Animations" http://www.fg-a.com for the nice christmas tree. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2007-12-11

LPairs 1.0.3 Released

This release features a bunch of small bug fixes: bad color key in logo corrected, non-square icons are no longer distorted and no temporary icon graphics will be saved to the current working directory. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2007-11-27

LGeneral 1.2beta-13 Released

Wow! A new release after years of inactivity! :) Well, don't expect too much. I just went through all submitted bugs and emails concerning LGeneral. Haven't been that much considering the time passed and I worked through most of the issues. So this release is just about a few minor enhancements. Most notably, Triple Entendre submitted a patch for an annoying segmentation fault that happened when a unit with a transporter tried to move to a due to fuel shortage unreachable position. Thanks! [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2007-09-27

LGeneral Scenario Fixed

I fixed a typo in add-on 'Korea' which caused instant victory of USA. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2007-09-26

LGeneral Mod

Floris Lap has submitted a mod for LGeneral that offers American Civil War graphics and units (no maps and scenarios though). [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2007-09-23

New LBreakout2 Levelset

I have added a new levelset for LBreakout2 from Eric Voirin called "NewOERG1". [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2007-06-10

New LBreakout2 Theme

Stephen Stagg has submitted a new eye-candy theme called 'Minority'. Check it out in LBreakout2's theme section! [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2007-05-14

OCC 1.2.9 Released

This release features some minor enhancements, most notably the previous comment is saved to keep track of a conversation. Besides, some typos were fixed and some descriptions improved. Comments may not contain HTML tags and the dialogue for opening a new game has moved to a new section. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2007-04-28

LPairs RPM Package

Andrew Ziem has built an RPM package for LPairs and submitted a spec file for the source package which is included in release 1.0.2. This release also features i18n support along with german localization. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2007-04-14

New LBreakout2 Theme

Jacek Krok has submitted his new theme 'Antiquity 2'! [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2007-03-04

LBreakout2 Theme Update

Jacek Krok has submitted version 1.2 of his theme 'Army'. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2007-02-25