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LPairs RPM Package

Andrew Ziem has built an RPM package for LPairs and submitted a spec file for the source package which is included in release 1.0.2. This release also features i18n support along with german localization. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2007-04-14

New LBreakout2 Theme

Jacek Krok has submitted his new theme 'Antiquity 2'! [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2007-03-04

LBreakout2 Theme Update

Jacek Krok has submitted version 1.2 of his theme 'Army'. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2007-02-25

New LBreakout2 Theme

Jacek Krok has been creative again and put some candy in his new theme "Sweets". [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2007-02-03

New LGeneral Campaign

Thanks to Nicolas who has submitted a campaign that features the first scenarios of Panzer General but this time historically more correct, focusing on 'real' order of battle. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2006-12-26

OCC 1.2.8 Released

Just to show that LGames is not dead here comes a bunch of minor enhancements to OCC. ;-) Section 'rankings' now features an activity from 0 to 100 for each user. 100 means you log in every day at least once, 0 means you did not log in for more than four weeks. Also, to make it easier to find interesting games, the winner of an archived game gets underlined (both if draw) in the search results. Last but not least I removed the obsolete section 'My Notes' and updated the README. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2006-12-25

New LBreakout2 Theme

Seamus McGill has submitted a new cool theme called 'Stheme' which even includes new sounds. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2006-12-17

New levelsets

G has submitted a new level set T.C.S as well as updates for AllNighter, P.I.T.A. and TheEnd. Thomas Friedrichsmeier has submitted an update of his set Choices. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2006-11-26

New Theme and Levelset for LBreakout2

Jacek Krok has been creative again and submitted his new theme 'Outer Space 3'. Also Thomas Friedrichsmeier has sent in his tricky levelset 'Choices'. Both can be found in the appropiate sections of Lbreakout2. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2006-11-21

French Support for LBreakout2

Kin Calvin has added french localization. Thanks! [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2006-08-28

New Levelset for LBreakout2

Rado Negundo has submitted a new levelset called 'Negundoid'. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2006-06-15

LGeneral 1.2beta-12 Released

This fixes a bug in 'make uninstall' (of course, no one noticed so far, who wants to uninstall? *g*) and more important, ending a turn will no longer freeze if NumLock,CapsLock or ScrollLock is on. Also LGeneral will now compile under MinGW (thanks to Victor Sergienko). [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2006-06-01

LBreakout2 2.6beta-6 Hits SF

This release provides a bunch of minor bugfixes and enhancements. Some server and some compiler issues were settled. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2006-05-28

OCC 1.2.7 Released

A bug in loading PGN's was fixed and e-mail notification became more verbose. Thanks for the patches. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2006-05-27


The next few months I'll be in India (actually this mail is already coming from an I-Way in Koregon Park) so any requests on any projects won't make much sense during that time. Enjoy the games as they are! For LGeneral it might be useful to check the CVS regularly since Leo Savernik is still continuing development. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2006-01-23

LGeneral 1.2beta-11 Released

This release features full briefing for all in-campaign scenarios, path selection in the PG campaign and a complete update of the german translation. Furthermore, the danger mask now takes into account that aircrafts with fuel 0 but on a supply hex will not crash but refuel. The Allied does not have a deploy turn in 'Market Garden' (since this would destroy the idea of the scenario). And last but not least various memory leaks where fixed, the largest causing some 30MB leakage. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2006-01-17

LGeneral 1.2beta-10 Released

This is an important release with many major enhancements:
- internationalization and german localization
- movement as in PG (which lets the enemy block ways much better and fixes the use of improper pathes)
- added new weather types to reflect different air/ground conditions as in PG (like rain with dry ground)
- adjusted weather for all scenarios
- artilleries provide defensive fire at full strength (with a slightly higher chance to just surpress than if attacking directly)
- parachutists like in PG (may select dropzone, may drift, may not move in the same turn)
- AI units in, e.g. towns or close to an artillery, hold position to create groups of resistance, if AI has to defend
- deploy turn is default
- saved games are more stable and will work on both: big- and little endian systems
- restored compatibility with third-party scenarios broken since beta-8
- more fixes and enhancements [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2005-12-12

LBreakout2 2.6beta-5 Released

Internationalization is more complete now. In the quick help, switching fullscreen/windowed mode works as well as completely leaving the game by the window manager's close button. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2005-11-29

OCC 1.2.6 Released

This release fixes two minor bugs: One could cause an error when saving private notes and the other made comments for accept/refuse draw disappear. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2005-11-15

LBreakout2 2.6beta-4 Released

This release fixes some bugs that made creating a localization impossible and adds German localization for the client (thanks to Ronny Standtke). [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2005-11-13

LGeneral 1.2beta-9 Released

Most important is maybe that savegames are now robust to future changes. A saved game from beta-7 or older should load again (beta-8 is off, but this should be the last time that the format was somehow incompatible). Apart from that the deploy mask has been improved (allowing to re-arrange all units for any player). Many minor rule adjustments, fixes and my laziness make me paste in the Changelog URL: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=23757&package_id=16295&release_id=216836 for full detail. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2005-11-06

OCC 1.2.5 Released

This release allows you to send initial chatter when opening a new game (only way to say something if you start as Black) and to get email notification if one of your opponents moved (this requires the admin to add your mail adress to accounts.php) (thanks to Lars for the patch). [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2005-11-02

LGeneral 1.2beta-8 Released

Beside minor bugfixes and adjustments of the rules (e.g., a defender actually needs ammo to defend and ground units can get at least some supply even with many enemies arround), the major effort of this release lies in the addition of the ability to split up units (as the counterpart of merging but with modified rules; check the README), to completely disband units (if you think they suck for some reason) and to rearrange them in a special turn (deploy turn) at the beginning of the scenario. Since the latter is limited to deploy centers and their surrounding for now, it is not enabled by default. Run 'lgeneral --deploy-turn' once to enable and 'lgeneral --no-deploy-turn' to disable again later. ... read more

Posted by Michael Speck 2005-10-29


I forgot an important file in the last LBreakout2 release which is now included to 2.6beta-3. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2005-10-20

LBreakout2 2.6beta-2 Is Out

I added internationalization support without any localization yet. So this release is only interesting if you want to localize LBreakout2. If you do, please contact me before to avoid double work. Also note, that no special letters are allowed (no umlauts, accents, etc.). [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2005-10-19