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LGames / News: Recent posts

OCC 1.3.4 Released

A few bugs in sending e-mail notifications have been fixed by Martin Korous. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2011-01-06

OCC 1.3.3 Released

Martin Korous submitted a bunch of patches: Last move of opponent is highlighted for some time. If user starts a game as black an email notification is send to opponent. There is now an option to email forgotten password and some bugs were fixed. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2010-12-26

Barrage 1.0.3 Released

I started to dislike the rather violent touch of the game and changed the concept a little: You are now on a shooting range and all the targets including the soldiers are dummies. Gameplay remains the same. Furthermore, the Linux user name is now default for highscore entry name (patch by PJin) and XDG support has been added. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2010-12-24

LGeneral Mod APP-6A Updated

The LGeneral Mod APP-6A has been updated to version 1.2. to fix some compatibility issues with LGeneral 1.2. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2010-12-23

LBreakout 2.6.2 Released

This release fixes a few minor bugs: wrong computation of next level warp limit, potential highscores loss when no disk space and broken compilation without sound. Also the new levelsets MegaMan2, Cool and the update of OurWorld are now included in the package. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2010-10-05

LGeneral 1.2 Released

Never say never... After so many years LGeneral is no longer beta. :-) The major feature of this release is a prestige-based purchase option as in Panzer General (just slightly different) as a workaround / fix for the long open reinforcements issue. I finally gave up the idea of having predefined reinforcements (too little time and too much work to get these balanced). Further improvements are easier use of the converter, beautifications, gameplay tweaking and fixes for minor gameplay, compilation and memory issues. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2010-09-29

LTris 1.0.15 Released

This release provides Italian localization, thanks to Kenyu, and some minor warnings have been fixed. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2010-09-20

New LBreakout2 Levelsets

Wraith Lord has submitted a new levelset called 'MegaMan2' and Anarcxpoll an update of 'OurWorld'. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2010-09-20

Update for LGeneral Mod 'APP-6A'

Some icons have been corrected. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2010-03-02

New LBreakout2 Levelset

Jaques Buffa has submitted a new level set for LBreakout2 called 'Cool'. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2010-03-02

LTris 1.0.14 Released

Minor stuff: XDG support added (icon in menu of window manager). Missing include, bad memset calls and typos in english localization fixed. Range of horizontal delay for block movement increased to allow less sensitive setting. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2009-12-25

LBreakout 2.6.1 Released

Some minor fixes: All sounds now have sample rate 22050 to prevent poor on-the-fly conversion of cheap sound cards. Fixed a bug that cut the first few entries from the level set list in the menu (so you have more to play now! :-). Some english typos have been fixed by Colin Tucker and the quick help now has text with proper transparency. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2009-12-24

LGeneral 1.2beta-14 Released

Fixed some typos in READMEs and added XDG support. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2009-10-26

LMarbles 1.0.8 Released

Fixed configuration process and added XDG support. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2009-10-26

LBreakout 2.6 Released

The reason why this release has been beta for a long time is that I intended to rewrite the network code from scratch. Unfortunately, I did not find the time to complete this task and by now I don't think I will ever dig into it again. But the current solution should be good enough for LAN play. So this release provides just minor enhancements and fixes mostly related to compiling and configuration. Apart from that there is now a better French localization, all currently available level sets are included and the game should appear in the menu of the desktop environment on installation (via XDG support). I have also added a hidden option to disable the swearing on loosing a ball by default. It can only be enabled by manually editing the config file (explained in the README). So now it is fully suitable for children. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2009-10-26

New LBreakout2 Levelsets

Jacques Buffa has submitted two new LBreakout2 levelsets called 'PlayAgain' and 'Fantaisie'. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2009-10-26

LTris 1.0.13 Released

Minor stuff: French and swedish localization added, highscore charts are now language independent (previously an all new chart was created if language changed) and the 'block shadow' (to help aiming) is now enabled by default. Note: The chart fix will create new highscore charts for all game types but the old ones remain in the highscore file. Thus you can manually edit it to restore them. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2009-10-25


Having a few more days break at home than initially planned (I just came back from my first trip to Dhammagiri in India) I will try to release all the things that are idling on my laptop's harddisc to get LGames into a consistent state again. As a first step I cleaned up and reordered the project's files list for more clarity and uploaded a few old (mostly unfinished) projects (games and libraries) into a new folder called 'mindnoise' . They are no longer under development but may be interesting anyway. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2009-10-25

Taking a break

I am going to retreat for a while, taking a break from worldly matters. So for the next few months... years... I won't be able to take care of any submissions. Be patient! ;-) [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2009-04-07

New LBreakout2 Levelsets

I have added the levelsets 'OurWorld' submitted by Anarcxpoll and 'OpenSource' which I found lying around on my hard disk by accident... [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2009-01-09

New LBreakout2 Levelset

Daxter304 has submitted a new levelset for LBreakout2 called 'Sadistic'. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2008-11-16

LPairs 1.0.4 Released

Kenneth Granerud has submitted new graphics for LPairs that are based on icons from the Tango Desktop Project ( and which give the game a more colorful, child-friendly look. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2008-08-30

New LBreakout2 Levelset

Kbozen has submitted a new and very binary levelset called '1010011010'. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2008-08-09

New LBreakout2 Levelset

Enrico Schettler has submitted a levelset for LBreakout2 called Smilies. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2008-07-13

New LBreakout2 Levelset

William D. Wilkerson (aka NJBilly) has submitted a new levelset called 'Popcorn'. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2008-05-04