lbreakout win binary blocks winamp

  • Hi. I really like to play lbreakout. But I'm a windows user (DON'T HURT ME) and the windows binary (2.4.1 as well as 2.5.1) blocks my winamp. It cannot buffer the tracks I'm playing anymore. Switching off sound and speech does not help. Is there something I can do?

    • Michael Speck
      Michael Speck

      Nope, same happens with XMMS the Linux equivalent for WinAMP. The problem lies in SDL_mixer+sound driver. I don't know or can't remember a solution to this. I think changing the execution order could help (lbr2, winamp or winamp,lbr2)

    • Thanx for the answer. The execution order has no influence. And if the LBreakout window has no focus,  winamp is running. But if I make LBreakout the current window, it stops playing. How difficult would it be to compile LBreakout without any sound? Can I do it myself with almost no knowledge about it?

      Bye, Heiko