LittleFoot Elegance Photo ASCOM Driver / News: Recent posts

Release 1.0.4

This release passes the ASCOM Conform test

Posted by Gerald 2010-06-20

Release 1.0.3

Corrected a bug in the slewing state regocnizion

Posted by Gerald 2010-06-20

1.0.2 SP1 releases

Added error handler if the speed rates can't be read properly from the controller. The installer is now able to upgrade the files without necessarily deinstall the old driver.

Posted by Gerald 2010-06-19

Release 1.0.2

Corrected an error during setup the COM port

Posted by Gerald 2010-06-19

1st public release

The driver has gone public today. Please report any troubles you have

Posted by Gerald 2010-06-18