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Leo 4.9 final released

Leo 4.9 final is now available at:

Leo is a text editor, data organizer, project manager and much more.

The highlights of Leo 4.9:

- The Qt gui completely replaces the Tk gui--Qt gui now has all essential
features of Tk, including plugins.

- Completed Leo's autocompleter.

- The rendering pane can now display movies, html, svg images, etc.

- The scrolledmessage plugin can now use the rendering pane.

- Nodes may contain multiple @language directives.

- Leo highlights URL's everywhere. Ctrl-click URL's opens them in your web

- Leo uses an @file node's extension by default if there is no @language
directive in effect.

- Unified extract and import commands.

- Leo can now colorize multiple @language directives in a single node.

- Plain up/down arrow keys in headline-editing mode select a new node.

- New commands to insert, delete, change or print uA's.

- Added namespace directive to .leo files.

- Fixed many bugs, some important, most quite minor.


Posted by Edward K. Ream 2011-06-21