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David Fisher Mostafa Keikha Jae Hyun

The Galago Search Engine was originally released as part of "Search Engine, Information Retrieval in Practice". To find the book-version of Galago please see http://www.search-engines-book.com/.

The Lemur project extends the Galago Search Engine for research purposes. As such, many components have been significantly modified to support further extensions and experimentation. Please note that the wiki-pages and support on this website, are not applicable to the book-version of Galago.

The current research version is at http://hg.code.sf.net/p/lemur/galago

Current documentation is written for version 3.x


Wiki: Galago Advanced Retrieval Configuration
Wiki: Galago Evaluation
Wiki: Galago Functions
Wiki: Galago Installation
Wiki: Galago Operators
Wiki: Galago Query Language
Wiki: Galago Quick Configuration
Wiki: Galago Temporary Files
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