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Lemon CMS 2.0

Lemon CMS 2.00 Is now available for download!

While keeping to the Simple, Clean, Easy and Efficient philosophy Lemon 2.00 has added many new features and enhancements.

Read about it at :

Posted by Panos 2008-09-19

Lemon CMS 2.0 under development

It has been a while since any work has been done on LemonCMS. I am pleased to announce that their will be a LemonCMS v2.0 coming out soon!

If you would like to be involved in the developement, or participate as a beta test please email me lemoncms [at] gmail [dot] com

Posted by Panos 2008-01-15

New Website Launched

The new Lemon CMS website and forum has been launched and can be found @ http://www.lemoncms.com or be clicking the 'Project Web Site' button near the top right of this Project's site in source forge.

Posted by Panos 2006-10-30

Lemon v1.10 Now Released

Lemon version 1.10 [ A Spoonful of Sugar ] has finally been released for public download with some exciting changes.

What's New Version 1.10 [ Spoonful of Sugar ]
(release date August 5 2006)
* Module Plug-in System
* Skinable GUI
* Added skin all_so_yellow
* Config option to set default skin
* Config option to allow for module system to be on or off
* Documentation on skinning and creating modules for Lemon CMS, customizing.htm
* Preferences module that allows you to select which skin(s) to use
* Upgraded to FCKeditor 2.3.1
* Added rename file feature [ 1526425 ]
* Added copy file feature
* Fixed bug in image browser where files with capitalized extensions not displaying properly as images

Posted by Panos 2006-08-05

What's been going on

I've been busy working on the next version of Lemon CMS and am happy to say that it is almost near completion.

The next version will still be as easy to use and simple to configure and will include some exciting new features such as the ability to rename files, skinable GUI, and a module plug-in system that will allow you to easily create plug-ins for use with Lemon CMS.

Be sure to check back regularly as the new version will be available some time in the coming week.

Posted by Panos 2006-07-28

Version 1.0 Released - Fresh and Tangy

Version 1.0 has just been released. Other then just a nice new GUI there are several new and improved features.

* New Header Design by Khalid
* Multiuser Support (see config file)
* Ability to configure what type of files can be opened in editor
* Restrictable Uploads
* Updated Interface
* Default Skin for editor changed to (slightly altered) office2003
* Menu link to return to File Manger... read more

Posted by Panos 2006-05-13

1,000 Downloads in a month

This easy to use, easy to port CMS has generated some interest, in one month since the initial release of Lemon CMS there have been over 1,000 downloads!

Here's to this month having more downloads!

Posted by Panos 2006-05-13

Version 0.77 (Fix to not being able to save with PHP 4.3 + )

Version 0.77 was released today which including a small re-write to the save function allow which was incompatible with PHP versions prior to 5.

Posted by Panos 2006-04-19

Version 0.7 Released

Version 0.7 of Lemon CMS was released yestarday, April 15 2006.

Some of the new features include

* New Logo Design by Khalid (khaled@nightlabs.de)
* Updated cms to work by default out of root website directory
* Editor window opens in at full window height
* Added module to allow for file uploading
* New colour scheme
* File Manager does not list .php files
* Image browser in editor now display's thumbnail of images
* Image browser in editor now has scroll bars

Posted by Panos 2006-04-16