Using the PC tools

Lawrie Griffiths

Using the PC tools

The current PC tools are:

  • EV3Console
  • EV3Control
  • EV3MapCommand
  • EV3MCLCommand
  • EV3Image
  • EV3ScpUpload
  • EV3SDCard

There are command line interfaces for these tools that are the corresponding names in lower case. On Windows, they have a .bat extension. These tools should all be available from a console or terminal window, depending on which system you are on.

EV3Control and EV3SDCard are available in Eclipse via icons or the leJOS EV3 menu.

EV3Console connects to port 8001 in the EV3 menu and displays System.out and System.err from the menu and programs run from the menu. It needs a parameter -n <IP address="" of="" EV3="">

EV3Image converts images to the leJOS EV3 image format.

EV3MapCommand lets you load a line map and drive a robot around a mapped area (e.g. a floor of your house), by setting waypoints. It can plot paths to a destination, avoiding obstacles, and then follow the path. Line maps are in svg format.

EV3MCLCommand is similar to EV3MapCommand but drives a robot with a distance sensor and does localization using the Monte Carlo Localization technique. It displays the particle set so you can see your robot homing in on its true position and maintaining it as it moves around.

EV3Control acts as a remote menu to the EV3. It uses device discovery to find all the EV3s running on the Lan and lets you connect to one of them. A future version will support simultaneous connections to multiple EV3s.

EV3Control has tabs instead of menu screens. The tabs are:

  • Programs
  • Samples
  • Console
  • Settings
  • Sensors
  • Motors
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • Tools
  • Images

Programs is similar to the files menu in the EV3 menu program. It support drag and drop for uploading a file to the EV3.

Samples allows you to run sample programs.

Console is similar to EV3ConsoleViewer. It shows you the EV3 LCD screen as well as console output and you can use remote buttons to drive the EV3 menu or a user program.

Settings lets you read and write remote settings at a low level (which can be dangerous).

Sensors let you monitor sensors remotely.

Motors lets you control motors remotely.

Wifi lets configure Wifi on the EV3.

Bluetooth lets you configure Bluetooth on the EV3.

Tools is a random collection of remote tools. It lets you change the remote EV3 name, test i2c devices and play tones on the EV3.

EV3ScpUpload is used by the Eclipseplugin. It uploads a runnable jar file to the EV3 and optionally runs it.

EV3SDCard is part of the Microsoft Windows installation process.

Images is the same as the EV3Image command.

There are shell scripts and Windows batch command to invoke these tools. The names are all lower case, e.g. ev3control.


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