Getting started with leJOS EV3 (old)

Andy Shaw Lawrie Griffiths

Getting started with leJOS EV3

This section provides information on how to get started with leJOS on the Lego EV3. It is still very early days with the EV3 version of leJOS so we do not yet have easy to install versions etc. At the moment to develop programs for the EV3 you will need in addition to the EV3 system:
1. A Linux system to develop code on and to run the current leJOS tools. Ubuntu 12.10 is recommended.
2. A supported USB WiFi dongle for the EV3 and a Wireless network you can use it with.
3. An SD card to boot the leJOS bootable image from.

The following sections provide more details on how to set things up and get started:

[Running Ubuntu with VirtualBox]
[Creating a bootable SD card]
[Developing with leJOS]


EV3 Wiki: Creating a bootable SD card
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