EV3 Code Log

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[038465] by Lawrie Griffiths Lawrie Griffiths

More package renames

2013-10-08 20:13:01 Tree
[8da4a9] by gloomyandy gloomyandy

Updated to match new structure

2013-10-07 20:11:30 Tree
[a5b592] by lgriffiths lgriffiths

Set trust=true to avoid problems with rejected host key

2013-10-06 08:05:29 Tree
[425aa9] by lgriffiths lgriffiths

Use relative path names

2013-10-06 07:54:00 Tree
[5e8538] by lgriffiths lgriffiths

Ant build files and jar files for the sample projects

2013-10-03 18:08:33 Tree
[252186] by gloomyandy gloomyandy

sorted out ignore

2013-08-31 20:14:27 Tree
[1dae35] by gloomyandy gloomyandy

Initial commit

2013-08-08 13:49:44 Tree