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+		<title>leJOS NXJ Eclipse Plug-In: Ant integration</title>
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+		<h1>Integration with Eclipse's Ant features</h1>
+		<p>We recommend that you write a build.xml for your project. This can be run from within Eclipse,
+		the command line, or pretty much any other Java IDE.</p>
+		<p>One typical task for the build.xml is to obtain the path to the leJOS JDK.
+		The leJOS Eclipse plug-in makes this particularly easy: When you will
+		run an Ant build from within Eclipse, the variable nxj.home is set to
+		the path configured in the preferences page of the leJOS Eclipse plug-in.</p>
+		<p>Inside the build.xml, you may set nxj.home to a suitable default.
+		When run from inside Eclipse, the value of the nxj.home variable is overridden.</p>		 
+	</body>