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-		<title>leJOS NXJ Eclipse Plug-In: Creating a leJOS NXJ project</title>
+		<title>leJOS EV3 Eclipse Plug-In: Creating a leJOS EV3 project</title>
-		<h1>Creating a leJOS NXJ project</h1>
-		<p>The plugin provides two kinds of projects:</p>
-		<ul>
-			<li>LeJOS NXT Projects</li>
-			<li>LeJOS PC Project</li>
-		</ul>
-		<p>LeJOS NXT projects allow you to write and upload Java programs to the Lego NXT brick.
-		You know whether your project is a LeJOS NXT project, if the little leJOS icon is attached to your project.</p>
-		<p>LeJOS PC projects allow you to write Java programs, that run locally on your PC but can remote control
-		the NXT brick via USB or Bluetooth.</p>
-		<p>To create a new LeJOS project (either NXT or PC), select <em>File&rarr;New&rarr;Project...</em>
-		from the main menu bar. Now, unfold the leJOS categroy and select the project type you want.
-		Type in the name of the Project, make all the adjustments you'd like to make, and click Finish.</p>
-		<p>There may be projects created with an old version of the plugin. You may convert them to
-		new-style LeJOS NXT projects by selecting <em>leJOS NXJ&rarr;Convert to leJOS NXJ project</em>
-		in the project's context menu.</p>
-		<p>There is no automatic conversion for old-style LeJOS PC projects. To convert them,
-		edit the build path of the project, and use the "Add Library..." Button to add
-		the LeJOS PC libraries to the build path after removing all refernces to pccomms.jar, pctools.jar and friends.</p>
-		<p><b>Warning:</b> a project intended for running on the NXT must never include the LeJOS PC libraries in its build path.
-		Similarly, a project intended for being run on the PC must never include the LeJOS NXT runtime in its build path.</p>
+		<h1>Creating a leJOS EV3 project</h1>