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 		<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/>
-		<title>leJOS NXJ Eclipse Plug-In: User Manual</title>
+		<title>leJOS EV3 Eclipse Plug-In: User Manual</title>
 		<h1>User Manual</h1>
-		<p>This is the user manual for the leJOS NXJ Eclipse Plugin.</p>
+		<p>This is the user manual for the leJOS EV3 Eclipse Plugin.</p>
 			<li><a href="configuration.html">Configuration</a></li>  
-			<li><a href="firmwareupload.html">Uploading the firmware</a></li>
-			<li><a href="lejosproject.html">Creating a leJOS NXJ project</a></li> 
-			<li><a href="launching.html">Uploading a leJOS NXJ program to the NXT brick</a></li> 
+			<li><a href="lejosproject.html">Creating a leJOS EV3 project</a></li> 
+			<li><a href="launching.html">Uploading a leJOS EV3 program to the EV3 brick</a></li> 
 			<li><a href="ant.html">Ant integration</a></li>