Tetrix DC motor and servo

Jaehee Seo
  • Jaehee Seo
    Jaehee Seo

    Hello, I’m working on a master’s degree in Korea.

    I am making a Tetrix motor api and servo api.(Board is created board in

    So, I refer to nxtOSEK_v218.

    But, There is no explain of Tetrix Encoder.

    nxtOSEK\ecrobot\c\ecrobot\HiTechnic.c : 574Line

    // …… Other modes using Tetrix Encoder for speed or position regulation
    not yet supported (scheduled for end of 1st 2012 quarter).

    Today is 2013years.

    I couldn’t find the Tetrix DC motor encoder’s datasheet.

    Please help me.

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