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#5 Another couple of one-shot bugs


1) Well after leaving the Fortress Mine (both ways), I find I still have the Master Key in inventory.
2) The first time I went down to the Fortress Mine, when fleeing the boulder, I found the spiders after the dropshaft to be unkillable.


  • When you say "unkillable", what happened when you tried to kill them, and what weapon were you using?


  • Anonymous

    This was using the regular sword, as at that point I didn't have the lightning sword. But those spiders are normally killable with the regular sword, as part of escaping the boulder. Save and restore appeared to fix the problem.


  • Anonymous

    Correction, "Save and restore appeared to fix the problem." is wrong, I actually did restore to test it. But I eventually came back after other adventures, and then the spiders were normally killable.


  • Anonymous

    Same happened to me, the first time the spiders were unkillable, then I went to another place, saved a couple of times, went back, and they are ok now. I tried every weapon, including the sword. Arch Linux 64 bit, version 0.97.

  • Can you explain what you mean by "unkillable". Does nothing happen at all when you hit them, or do they just swing back and forth a little bit, or do they briefly go white (like when an enemy takes damage) or do they just flash (like when an enemy dies).

  • OK thanks, I'll have a look. You should be able to kill them with the sword, so I'll have to see what's gone wrong.



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