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#244 Ability to authorize users by copying from another

Erik Huelsmann

Although there are options to create role-sets and as such customize a LedgerSMB instance, my estimate would be that small businesses don't really start out that way. They first have a single accountant and then employ a second one.

To support this kind of organic growth, I'd estimate that people would love a "authorize user Y the same way as user X" functionality.


  • Chris Travers
    Chris Travers

    As of 1.4 I hope to have a genuine group manager. The big problem with authorizing one user as like another is what do you do when the permissions for the initial user are changed? Do these need to be propagated? Do we want to avoid propagating it?

    I am thinking that maybe after we have real group management, then we can think about copying a user's current permissions to that of a group.