#208 Enhanc. req:Reference db version & name in all err messages

Havard Sorli

Working with several db at the same time, its sometimes hard to grasp where the error messages came from.

I discovered it when my Firefox crashed, with lots off different db's open. Some have been upgraded, some have not been.

I can manage this, but in an hosting environment with lots of accounting users in accounting firms, every one with access to 100 db's, this can get messy on the help desk.. (Winch of the 100 db's did we forget to upgrade..)

My case:
After a firefox crash and restart. Firefox shows me this page
With this text:

Database is not the expected version.

We should make a function that always return the following in all error messages:

DB name
DB version in DB
Expected DB version (What it should have been to run the code)
Software version (An expanded version of this is to show all versions of all included libraries and other code involved in the actual call)

This information should also be put in the apache error log in a human and machine readable way.

This function should made in a way that the results also is easy to work with in programming terms (could be a hidden html text as an array string). That string could be used for automatic GUI testing, upgrade and deployment scripting testing in lager hosting environments.


  • Chris Travers
    Chris Travers

    • status: open --> closed
  • Chris Travers
    Chris Travers

    For 1.4, included as of svn 4397