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Switching from SL to SMB

  • Chris Curtis
    Chris Curtis

    Hello Forum dudes (Chris and Chris).  Please post instructions on how to switch to your version of the product.  Also, will you be offering paid support.  Also, I recently found some execllent Sl documentation, that appeared to NOT be CR, would you like me to send a copy.  Having open documentation would be very nice.

    Chris Curtis

    • Chris Travers
      Chris Travers

      Hi Chris;

      Paid support is available from both of us and by other parties as well.  Command Prompt, Inc. has also agreed to offer support as well.

      As for the migration, the simplest thing to do is to untar the tarball, copy its contents over the files in the SL directory (you might want to back them up first) and run the SL2LS.pl script.  Note that one person has had trouble with this script so you may find it safer to perform the steps manually:

      mv sql-ledger.conf ledger-smb.conf
      rm -rf SL

      The first command moves your configuration file over.  The second one (optional but HIGHLY recommended) deletes the SL perl modules.

      When you log in the database will be updated, and user settings will be migrated.  Any sql-ledger*.css files will be changed to ledger-smb...css at that point.

      Hope this helps.