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Tracker items created. Check them out.

  • David Tangye
    David Tangye

    Congrats on getting all the Feature Requests etc into the tracker.

    I recommend that as much as possible people go and write comments against them on the relevant specific topic.

    Hey everyone - that means YOU, especially newcomers (aren't we all: this is a NEW PROJECT) If your topic/request is not there please feel free to write up a new one. You cant hurt anyone/anything. Its only words. In the worst case I am sure it can be removed by adminitrators somehow.

    • Chris Travers
      Chris Travers

      For the record, we don't remove valid feedback/comments.  I assume if something gets sufficiently off-topic or is used for spam we might, but we are interested in what everyone wants and thinks.

      Also, people should feel free to use the forums and mailing lists to discuss such request an the best way to handle them.