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API documentation

  • Udo Spallek
    Udo Spallek

    Hello Chris,

    your page http://www.metatrontech.com/sql-ledger-wiki/ is offline.
    Is there a possibility to take a copy of your API documentation for using in another GNU/GPLed Project?

    I like to enhance the developement of lx-office.org (german SQL-Ledger fork) with some of your API documentation.

    Thanks in advance

    • Chris Travers
      Chris Travers

      A couple points:

      1) The wiki was taken offline due to the ammount of spam in it.  Unsure how much of the API reference I can get out of it.

      2)  The LedgerAMB API is being redesigned and existing SQL-Ledger API's are considered unstable.

      I think the best thing to do at the moment is to take discussions up on the -devel list.

      Best Wishes,
      Chris Travers