#953 1.3.36 r6528 UTF8 characters messed up on from the DB

Chris Travers
Pongracz Istvan

It seems one or more of the last modifications caused an issue in the UTF8 rendering.
UTF8 strings from the DB shown as messed texts.
Like this: Pályázatnélkül Demó Kft.

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  • Confirmed, installing brand new DB with stock 1.3.36 (svn r6528) produces the same effect.

    Firefox and Chromium, same.

    Last edit: Pongracz Istvan 2014-01-18
  • Erik Huelsmann
    Erik Huelsmann

    This patch fixes it:

    Index: lsmb-1.3/LedgerSMB/Template/HTML.pm

    --- lsmb-1.3/LedgerSMB/Template/HTML.pm (revision 6551)
    +++ lsmb-1.3/LedgerSMB/Template/HTML.pm (working copy)
    @@ -72,8 +72,10 @@
    push @{$vars}, preprocess( $_ );
    } elsif (!$type) {
    + utf8::decode($rawvars);
    return escapeHTML($rawvars);
    } elsif ($type eq 'SCALAR' or $type eq 'Math::BigInt::GMP') {
    + utf8::decode($$rawvars);
    return escapeHTML($$rawvars);
    } elsif ($type eq 'CODE'){
    return $rawvars;

    But: WHY?!

    everywhere in the code, there are settings to transform PG input to utf8, so, this shouldn't be necessary....

  • I can confirm, it partially solved the issue.
    I still have it in the AR/Invoice dropdown.

  • Erik Huelsmann
    Erik Huelsmann

    Adding ", pg_enable_utf8 => 1"

    to the connect request in db_init (right after the AutoCommit => 0 which is already there) fixes the AR Transaction/AR Invoice dropdown for me.

    The fix seems to be to add that to any and all DBI->connect calls. Going to try that now.

  • I can confirm, Adding ", pg_enable_utf8 => 1" did the trick.

    I can see, the code usually use the following snippet:
    DBI->connect( $form->{dbconnect}, $form->{dbuser},
    $form->{dbpasswd} )
    or $form->dberror( FILE . ':' . LINE );
    $dbh->{pg_enable_utf8} = 1;

    Please note the $dbh->{pg_enable_utf8} = 1;

    This command seems missing in some places.
    With this modification the initial trick (+ utf8::decode($$rawvars);) is not necessary.

  • Chris fixed it in [r6577]
    Confirmed, it works well.



    Commit: [r6577]

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
    • assigned_to: Chris Travers