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v2 Underway

For those of you who noticed the facelift on the site, this is done in anticipation of the next generation of LHTTPd. The new version is a rewrite/reimplementation of the original, by the same author (me). Basically, it's a fresh start which has the advantage of not failing where the original has on implementation and design, as well as paving the way for implementing new features easily and intuitively. ... read more

Posted by Daniel Nakata 2004-08-19

0.06 release

for changes please note the CVS log for 0.06 development below:


Posted by Daniel Nakata 2004-03-16

0.05 / CVS Practical

Just a note, for those using 0.04 or prior, 0.05 adds significantly improved support for the specs, as well as fixing a lot of annoying issues with previous releases.

GET support is more or less repaired in CVS, and will carry all CGI modifications until the 0.06 release planned for March.

Posted by Daniel Nakata 2004-02-11

New development release! (First release!)

In the 0.01 release, I'm just attempting to gague the stability of the design. I'm using some fairly elaborate client and stream handling (in relation to the rest of the program) which I hope is practical. Please, keep me informed.

Posted by Daniel Nakata 2003-08-29