Samples of Use

  • Lou Langelier
    Lou Langelier

    Anyone out like to share their application of LeagueSite?

    I'd like to see it in action.

    Thank you.

    • Lou Langelier
      Lou Langelier


    • Don Seiler
      Don Seiler

      Luc I don't have any samples of LeagueSite being used yet, but I know there are some out there.

      I'll try to set up an example site after 0.3.0.

    • Richard Taylor
      Richard Taylor


      This is my (UK) softball team's website and I have just upgraded to 0.3.0.  I have not fully finished converting from the 0.2.x stuff and updating for the new features so stuff like statistics etc may or may not be there depending on when you visit.

      • Don Seiler
        Don Seiler

        Great thanks.  Looks like your site is more of a single-team oriented site so you might want to enable teamsite mode, hide the standings menu and enable the players menu.

    • Don Seiler
      Don Seiler

      I have a demo site up now for you to play with

    • Cheese master
      Cheese master

      I just started inputing all the information.  I really want to use this mod, but I'm not sure If it is going to work for what I'm going to use it for.  take a look at it let me know what you think, and If I should be doing it a different way.


      • Don Seiler
        Don Seiler

        Looks like you want LeagueSite to handle multiple leagues.  Right now it isn't meant to do this.  What you are doing now could work, definitely want to hide the Standings link then as that would be all out of whack.

        One alternative is to create branch sites for each sport with a distinct leaguesite install per sport in TeamSite mode.

      • Cheese master
        Cheese master

        Thanks for the tips

        Maybe support for more teams could be added some day I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to use this great mod for this purpose.  

    • lre

      IS there a module or adaptation for this module to run  for non league sports??  Like for Cross Country, car racing or other non team oriented sports?  We have a local Racing league, no teams just all indivuals.  We are looking for a nice system to keep stats on times, points etc on a per event basis...

    • Brian Heess
      Brian Heess

      I just wrote to rizzo about something similar...for the purpose of motorcycle racing.

      I am playing with it here:

      This is what I wrote to him:

      I am in the process of making a system for a Motorcycle Racing Club and ran across your system.  Yours will ALMOST do what I need...

      I think the differences would be that an individual (racer) may or may not belong to a team.  A racer WILL have a number, it will be unique within the club.  Each racer will have at least one bike.  On a particular race weekend (the third Sunday of every month, and the Saturday before it), a racer may enter and run more than one race.  That race is based on a classification and the bike would be noted.

      Anyway, any chance that your system could be easily modified to run based on those ideas above?

      I don't want to modify the heck out of it myself since you will continue updating yours.  :)


    • UrbanMonkey

    • chucknut7

      After getting tired of doing all the grunt work, I decided to go with a phpWebsite and Leaguesite for my Church softball team. This is the first season implemented (no game so far... rained out). I am yet to design my own template for PWS but soon. I have made a few modifications to some templates in LS... just making some things more readable... placement/spacing of player specs (SEE Mike Rhoades player specs for example).

      • chucknut7

        This is running on Win2K server
        IIS 5.0
        MySQL 4.0.18
        Leaguesite 0.4.5

    • NHLFan

      Has anyone developed a leaguesite for a Hockey League that I could see?

    • jikner

      I am using leaguesite for highschool football and later in the year for hs wrestling.  I am postive it will do what I hope. 

      My one concern is the stats.  I am hoping the stats are easily updateable. 

      My only question on stats is will it display stats per game or just overall??? 

      We will see.


    • Danthecook

      Am running the league module for wrestling  without any real mods.  Still debating wether to dive into the code and adapt it.  My season has started [DODDS team on military base in DE].
      I am still at the guys-gimme-data stage.  will be "integrating" with Wrestling tourney 7.0 software, though I kinda doubt there will any real data sharing.

      minor bug in the "next 3 games" module, but I think I can live with it.  {when you first login, the module moves the days, may be an error in my setup relative to my ISP}


    • James

      I adapted leaguesite for my college IM Ultimate Frisbee website: The changes I made were very minor, mostly changing how some things were displayed. Opted not to use stats. My team LOVES the site. This mod has made my life so easy


    • Roy Collins
      Roy Collins

      My South Adelaide Panthers fansite is at

    • anyone come up with a tennis mod? help

    • woody188

      We are a non-profit kids sporting association and used Leaguesite for our football schedules and stats last year. They liked it well enough, we now are adding softball, soccer, and cheerleading to the site, making each it's own branch.  It's nice for us as Leaguesite fits the bill for schedules and scores, and is very easy to use once it's set up.

      Check us out at  I have to create our own template for the site, we're using RWB right now.  Hope to get the template with our custom graphics up there soon, but you get the idea.

      Feel free to post a link to us as an example multiple sport site.  It's the least we could do for using your software.  We'll make sure you have a link next to the phpWS link at the bottom of every page.  Again, least we could do.  I've been trying to talk them into donating money back as well.  Hope it pans out for you guys.

      Keep up the great work!  Looking forward to 0.9.0!

    • George

      Here's an example of a larger organization site.  As you will see, I did very little in the way of customization (the only custom code is in the standings module, to handle our hybrid method of using points like hockey, and relabeling columns for baseball).

      This is for one district of the St. Louis Catholic Youth Council organization, if I remember the stats correctly we have 23 leagues (seasons) and 183 teams.  We also are the ones which got the team "scorer" function implemented (by really pushing for it, Richard did the work).  That is, the winning team of each game recorded the score.

      We had really excellent cooperation.  Over 90% of teams reported all their scores; the ones that didn't were generally teams who were losing almost all the time.  The website was very well received; I have had many compliments from coaches on the quality of the information and the ease of use.

    • Brian Tobin
      Brian Tobin

      My work site is up and running...still playing with it, but seems like the best choice out there...