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I'll be switching gears a bit by developing Leafpile as a Cocoa application, in addition to Java, which is about 50% complete at this point. For the time being, Java will be back-burnered as I'm really interesting in getting my feet wet with Objective-C and the whole Cocoa API.

This is likely to be a lengthy process as I've never developed native Mac OS X applications before, but I'm really itching to do so.

Posted by Michael Zanussi 2008-05-28

Front-end Complete

Complete as I need it to be at least. I was able to do it in Swing with the necessary 2D as required. It was as involved as I thought it would be. Screenshot on front page.

Posted by Michael Zanussi 2008-03-08


As of today, around 25% of the opcodes are coded and tested. I am currently working on a simple GUI using the Java 2D API as I'm at the point where I need some kind of user interface before I can continue. UIs aren't my forte, and 2D has a bit of a learning curve attached to it. I don't have an estimated release date at this time but expect to spend more time on the project in the coming weeks.

Posted by Michael Zanussi 2008-02-15