LDraw Design Pad 1.5 Released

5 Months in the making, LDraw Design Pad is finally Released.

LDDesignPad (LDDP) is a tool for editing and handling LDraw files
in a very comfortable way.

Features are:

-Fully customizable editor with syntax highlighting
-Open multiple files at the same time
-Unlimited Undo/Redo
-Use/define codesnippets
-Editing features like Inlining of parts, commenting etc.
-Seamless integration of L3P error check of parts at a button click
-Integration of ML-Cad and LD-View or any external program
-Plugin-Support!!!! Expand LDDesignPad with your own plugins in
C++ or Delphi. Code samples / example plugins are included.

Special thanks to Willy Tschager for all his helpful feedback on the beta version.

New in this version:
+ Ability to insert BFC Statements
+ Overhauled Error Check. Many new features available
+ Auto error fix now fixes 'Row N All Zeros' errors
+ Added some editor customization options.
+ Line is now selected if you click next to it in the left margin
Changed code to more Windows friendly style (Drag and Drop works now)
Fixed a problen with Error Check not finding all Bad Vertex Sequences

Posted by Orion Pobursky 2003-10-09