some dialog char not in English

  • When you first open the tool and it asks you if you would like it to be the
    default LDAP browser. The Yes and No buttons are in German.

  • Hi Tihomir!
    I also noted that when SSL is configured and LDAP Admin is opened and doesn't
    recognize the ssl cert, it has a window popup with the title "Warnung" and
    yes/no is ja/nein. Also, when moving an object, the confirmation popup has a
    window title of "Bestatigung" with an ok button (correct) and cancel that says
    "Abbrechen". Same thing for deleting objects, same title "Bestatigung" and
    ja/nein. So, it's not really characters, as it is whole words and
    phrases....particularly dialog boxes.
    Hope that helps.
    Thanks for time and patience, Tihomir. Your software, LDAP Admin, is

  • Ok, I am aware of this problem... it's a Delphi thing. My Delphi is German and it produces the German messages for built-in functions... I'm still looking for a way around this...


  • Anonymous

    Hi Tihomir,

    I will try to recompile the source with an English version, and to solve another problem in display windows 7 with the screen set to 120 DPI, but I tried with both Delphi 2009 and Delphi X2, but it returns the errors, can you tell me with which version did you use?

    Tanks Simone.

  • I use Delphi 5/7, but I have succesfully compiled it on Delphi X2 (only v1.4)... where does it report errors?


    • Anonymous


      Sorry for the late reply, but I tried to look for the X2 version to see if it was that, I was using CodeGear RAD Studio 2009.
      The error is also present in X2:

      [DCC Error] adsie.pas (58): E2251 Ambiguous overloaded call to 'GetProcAddress'
      Winapi.Windows.pas (34362): Related method: function GetProcAddress (NativeUInt; PAnsiChar): Pointer;
      Winapi.Windows.pas (34363): Related method: function GetProcAddress (NativeUInt; PWideChar): Pointer;
      [DCC Fatal Error] ADPassDlg.pas (53): F2063 Could not compile used unit 'adsie.pas'

      I do not know where I'm wrong, normally use and java.


  • The Compiler does not know which function to use so just typecast the @ProcName[1] to wide char: PWideChar(@ProcName[1]). Or exchange the line at 59 with:

    Result := GetProcAddress(ActiveDSHandle, PWideChar(@ProcName[1]));
    Result := GetProcAddress(ActiveDSHandle, PAnsiChar(@ProcName[1]));



  • Anonymous

    Hi Tihomir and Everyone,

    I am able to modify the dialog's strings by using a resource editor.
    An excellent free one, called ResEdit, is located here: (excellent archive manager...great compression)
    Simply download this, and extract the archive (you will need 7zip to extract),
    then open LdapAdmin.exe in it. You will get a message about include paths, set it if you want or just click 'no'.
    In the left-hand pane, scroll down to 'String Table'. It is here that the relevant strings can be changed. For instance, one could click on 'Ja' in the right-hand column of the screen, and in the left, under 'ID' there is a property called 'String'. Modify it's contents to say 'Yes'. Change all others in the same manner, then 'File', 'Save'.
    That's it!
    Hope that helps.

  • Hi Keith,

    thanks for this info, this translation tool looks really good. However, I think that this won't be neccessary any more since I found a way around this problem. In next release the strings should be in English (most of them at least ;-)). Still, this could be a way for those users who want to translate LdapAdmin to other languages.




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