#141 Multiple displays

Tony Hedlund

Hi... I'm currently working on a new panel, and although I'm not going to use LCD Smartie to it, I had the thought that it'd be nice to being able to have multiple LCD's on the same LPT-port, simply by using TTL-circuits (74LS245) which has the "/enable"-pin, and hook it up to either another LPT-port using either one of the 8 bits directly to either 74LS245, or using for eg. an 1 out of 10 decoder (4 bit BCD-code input, 10 decimal outputs, one at the time), alternatively, using those control-port bytes in some other manner and connect these to a 3-8. 4-10 or similar circuits in order to shift between them.

If you were to implement this, I'd order a whole stock of LCD's since they're so cheap on Ebay... I like LCD's, but they're a pain to handle (Program-wise that is), that's why LCD Smartie is so nice since it lets you input lots of info, and cram it out on the displays.

I'd be happy to provide assistance to schematics etc... No programming though since I'm not a programmer, go figure...

Drop me a mail if you're up for it at