lcd + usb problem

  • Pedro Peixoto
    Pedro Peixoto

    I have a problem not directly related to the lcdproc, but that affects its operation, so I hope you can help me.
    For a reason not related to lcd the usb port  that lcd  this bound is unmounted and mounted, while the lcdproc is in operation, which causes the server to stop working properly (not write messages on the LCD), which is looking for a way to server find that the lcd was removed or lcd unmounted and send a message to the client.
    I'm using the driver lcd2usb.

    thanks for your time

    best regards Pedro Peixoto

  • Markus Dolze
    Markus Dolze

    That's correct. If a LCD2USB device is removed after successfull startup the driver ignores any USB related error messages. LCDd by design will not detect any 're-appearing' device. Some other drivers simply quit LCDd, but there is no way to inform the client properly. The client will terminate as well when LCDd quits.

    The lcd2usb driver can easily been modified to quit on errors, but it will be a quick hack not for general use. Would that work for you?