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  • kris108

    Hi all,

    is it / would it be possible to set the resolution to let's say 640x480 ? (or anything else)

    The reason I ask: I have a Toshiba T2130CT whith a 640x480 screen -made in 1996- which I got for a very little amount of money.
    LCARS24 is nice and would make the old 'iron' more useful :-) but I could not figure out how to set it's resolution to 640x480 /I presume: it is not possible/ so it spills off the screen :-/

    Thanks in advance!


    kris *_^O^_*

    • Ygdrassil

      Maybe try (if you are running ms-dos, pcdos or any other dos version) to find a file called: vesa.exe (it's a dos tsr which should be able to give you higher resolutions by using the vesa frame buffer).

    • Ygdrassil

      UniVBE (short for Universal VESA BIOS Extension) is a software driver that allows DOS applications written to the VESA BIOS standard to run on almost any display device made in the last 15 years or so.

      The primary benefit is increased compatibility and performance with DOS games. Many video cards have sub-par implementations of the VESA standards, or no support at all. UNIVBE replaces the card's built-in support. Many DOS games include a version of UNIVBE because VESA issues were so widespread.

      The UniVBE driver was written by SciTech Software and is also available in their product called SciTech Display Doctor.

      Display Doctor is no longer supported by SciTech Software, but last version of SDD (6.53) and UniVBE (6.7) available on their FTP: http://www.scitechsoft.com/ftp/sdd/

    • big_ed

      I, too am having a problem with resolution. I'm running LCARS24 on an IBM Thinkpad 701c with a Chips and Technologies 65545 video controller. This machine runs Win 95 ok and is apparently limited to a 640x480 display. I have tried using UniVBE and Scitech Display Doctor but with no success. Is it possible to run LCARS24 at 640x480?
      I really like the concept of this project and ( being a Trek Fan ) I really want this to work!
      So how about? Any help?

    • Bill Morris
      Bill Morris

      I did make a 640 x 480 version of LCARS 24, which a lot of people downloaded from Starbase 34 back in 2003. It was robust and could run even under Windows with no problem, but that was in the early stages. It was 16 bit and 16 color, nothing like today's LCARS 24. And there aren't that many users that would benefit today if I were to make a modern 640 x 480 version. Besides, 640 x 480 also means 8-bit color at best, which raises issues with jpeg and gif, meaning it's hard to display those images and LCARS objects at the same time, because they confiscate the whole palette when loading.

      Even if solving all those issues were in the budget, some of the programs would have issues with having just too little room on the screen to display everthing.