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LC-3 Sim 1.0

I am pleased to announce release 1.0. This entails a port to Java, a function (and about on par with the ncurses) Swing based interface, and some other goodies. There is still room for improvement but this is a functional release that is better then our metric (BYU's original LC-3 Simulator)

Posted by Ed Page 2006-06-13


Now that I (Ed Page) am back around, there are a lot of updates in CVS. It now works with LC-3, has a lot of bug fixes, and is moving more towards a true C++ program rather then mixed C/C++ style code. Tere is a tenative GTK user interface, but that is on hold slightly.

Posted by Ed Page 2006-01-02

New GTK UI under development

lc2sim-gtk-linux and lc2sim-gtk-windows are actively under development at the moment.

We hope to take advantage of the GTK-curses project to bring the nice UI to the console, allowing a completely uniform UI across platforms.

Also, a major rework of the processor core is underway to allow for developers to more easily interface with the simulator libraries.

Posted by William Page 2003-08-31

lc2sim-console-linux-0.2(0.2) ncurses

lc2sim-console-linux-0.2(0.2) ncurses is now released! The biggest new feature is the ncurses interface. Also under-the-hood features like multifile loading and trap execution.

Posted by William Page 2003-04-17

cvs ncurses interface

The ncurses interface is slowly making its way into CVS. If you'd like to try it out, you can anonymously connect to CVS and checkout the sources. Expect the beta release within the week.

Posted by William Page 2003-04-12

ncurses interface under development

The ncurses interface is currently under development. We expect to have an initial release within the week.

Posted by William Page 2003-04-11

lc2sim-console-linux-0.1(0.1) released!

lc2sim-console-linux-0.1(0.1) is now available in both binary and source forms. This release includes: execution of both mco and bin formats, automagic trap execution (bug), and our available test assembly executes correctly.

It may be downloaded at

Posted by William Page 2003-04-10

Moving toward alpha release

lc2sim is moving toward its alpha release which implements a command-line interface, facilities for user-loaded and executed trap code, and batch processing.

Posted by William Page 2003-04-09